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Sudbury II Towing Island Exporter - Edward Goodall.1.jpg
Tug vessel with the name Sudbury II on its bow is shown from the port side towing another vessel that appears to be a barge. The water is calm and mountains can be seen in the distance.

Rescue of the SS Glafkos - Vicinity Amphitrite Point, Barkley Sound - Edward Goodall.1.jpg
Aerial view of two vessels in rough sees. The smaller vessel in the foreground is the HMCS Sudbury in the midst of rescuing the larger vessel, the SS Glafkos. The smaller Sudbury is tethered to the larger freight vessel but it appears the vessel is…

11a. No # Aerial photo of disaster SMALL.jpg
“One night in February 1967, the ocean turned our little world upside down. This photo is a bit blurry as it was taken from a rescue helicopter.” - Marian Brown

1956 Betty Kovalcik (Brown) with her camera in Princeton BC SMALL.jpeg
Betty Kovalcik (Brown) with her camera, a year before moving to Pine Island.

Exhibit Images - Landscape.jpg
Black felt sailor's uniform cap, with no cap tally. Blue ribbon chin stay attached underneath, on one side. This cap owned by Seaman Marcel Barsalou.

CCGS Ready - Hugh McKenzie.1.jpg
Painting of the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Ready from starboard side, anchored at sea. Land is just visible in the distance. The vessel is viewed from a slight angle with the bow closer to the viewer.

9. 1962 No month #9 Rex, Marian, and apples SMALL.jpg
It was exciting to receive from the monthly tender ship a box of apples or a box of books from the travelling library.

6. 33 Rex and Marian working with CW Linden - for web.jpg
On a lighthouse, children played by helping with construction, gardening, care of poultry, and other tasks.

Sailor's blue cotton uniform collar, worn tied at waist with square collar worn over separate tunic. This collar owned by Seaman Arthur W. Gregory.

Exhibit Images - Landscape (5).jpg
White, starched WRCNS uniform collar, worn by Ruby Gibbon.
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