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12. 25 Rex and Marian Brown leaving Pine Island SMALL.jpg
“After the disaster, moving from isolation to society was life-changing. Pets and books were solace. My brother adapted quite well, but I didn’t fit in with city girls. And there is insecurity in knowing that one’s surroundings can be destroyed in an…

11a. No # Aerial photo of disaster SMALL.jpg
“One night in February 1967, the ocean turned our little world upside down. This photo is a bit blurry as it was taken from a rescue helicopter.” - Marian Brown

10. 3 Station in snow SMALL.jpg
Snow did not come to Pine Island every year; sometimes Christmas was subtropical. But in 1966 the station looked picture-perfect in snow.

9. 1962 No month #9 Rex, Marian, and apples SMALL.jpg
It was exciting to receive from the monthly tender ship a box of apples or a box of books from the travelling library.

8. 1966 Betty sawing wood SMALL.jpg
Rex sawing wood with his mother Betty. Work on a lighthouse did not have conventional gender boundaries.

7. 16 Crew installing fuel tanks SMALL.jpg
A Coast Guard crew installs fuel tanks for the diesel engines that powered the station’s electrical generator.

6. 33 Rex and Marian working with CW Linden - for web.jpg
On a lighthouse, children played by helping with construction, gardening, care of poultry, and other tasks.

5. 1962 Nov #6 Vegetable garden SMALL.jpg
The Browns developed large vegetable gardens for fresh food. CPR passenger steamers sailed past the lighthouse every week.

4. 13 Betty Brown cutting grass below tower SMALL.jpg
Betty Brown cutting grass below the light tower.
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