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Vancouver's Discovery - EM Chadwick.1.jpg
Large sailing vessel in rough sees viewed from the bow. All sails appear to be unfurled. Figures can be seen on the deck. The vessel appears to be in open ocean. No land is visible.

SS Beaver - Bill Johnson.1.jpg
Sidewheeler, SS Beaver, viewed from starboard. It appears to be on a river or other narrow waterway. Mountains can be seen in the far distance and land to either side of the vessel. Smoke can be seen issuing from the vessel.

HMS Discovery on the Pacific Coast 1792 - EM Chadwick.1.jpg
A large sailing vessel viewed from the stern anchored not too far off land which is shrouded by cloud/fog. Men can be seen in a jolly boat appearing to be disembarking.

CCGS Ready - Hugh McKenzie.1.jpg
Painting of the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Ready from starboard side, anchored at sea. Land is just visible in the distance. The vessel is viewed from a slight angle with the bow closer to the viewer.

Mr. Yarrows standing inside SS Prince Rupert when she was on her side in Yarrows Shipyard.

Mr. Yarrows on board SS Prince Rupert when she was at a 45 degree angle in Yarrows Shipyard
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