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Pacific: Ocean Gateway to British Columbia | Artistic Impressions of British Columbia’s West Coast Heritage

SS Beaver - Bill Johnson.1.jpg

This Art Show highlights life along the Coast of British Columbia and the industries that helped to give rise to the province as it is today. Those of us who have lived on the coast know how the ocean affects us emotionally, and we know how the ocean connects us to each other and how it connects us to all the other coasts it touches. We also know how ocean-going industries can effect communities, great and small, not just on the coast but also beyond. The art in this show is just a small sample of the Maritime Museum of BC’s collection. Each piece was selected to represent some small part of the last three hundred years of BC’s coastal history and the coastal industries that helped, in part, to make British Columbia what it is today. Together, the art in this show represents a cross section of BC’s Maritime Heritage.

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