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Exhibit Images - Landscape.png
Flannel vest, hand sewn and worn by Able Seaman Thomas Welch, 1890.

5. 1962 Nov #6 Vegetable garden SMALL.jpg
The Browns developed large vegetable gardens for fresh food. CPR passenger steamers sailed past the lighthouse every week.

Vancouver's Discovery - EM Chadwick.1.jpg
Large sailing vessel in rough sees viewed from the bow. All sails appear to be unfurled. Figures can be seen on the deck. The vessel appears to be in open ocean. No land is visible.

Exhibit Images.png
Flannel, hand sewn and worn by Able Seaman Thomas Welch, 1890.

Workwear jean trousers, owned by Jack Slater.

Black felt WRCNS uniform tricorn, owned by E.F.L. McDonald.

Trekka under twin sails - Alan Lester.1.jpg
Stern view of the sailing vessel Trekka with twin sails open. Other sails appear to be furled. The sky looks cloudy and the seas rough. It is painted in a wide ocean with no sign of land.

Tilikum - broad.1.jpg
View of the Tilikum from starboard side looking up near the bow down toward the stern. Details of the eye on the bowsprit and the stern are rendered separately. The Tilikum is mounted on a plinth and is painted red and black. The mast is not shown.

Tilikum - broad - stern.2.jpg
View of the Tilikum starboard side viewed from near the stern looking toward the bow. The boat is painted black and red. It sits on a plinth. The mast is not present.

Tilikum - Bow&Stern.3.jpg
A colour drawing of the Tilikum showing the bow from the front and the stern from the side showing the rudder. The Tilikum is painted red and black. It is shown mounted on a plinth or blocks. The mast is not shown.
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