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HMCS Provider.1.jpg
A large vessel is viewed at an angle from starboard bow. The vessel is painted grey with black at the water line. It has the number 508 painted on its side. The sky is dark, and grey suggesting bad weather.

HMS Discovery on the Pacific Coast 1792 - EM Chadwick.1.jpg
A large sailing vessel viewed from the stern anchored not too far off land which is shrouded by cloud/fog. Men can be seen in a jolly boat appearing to be disembarking.

Exhibit Images - Landscape (2).jpg
Wool WRCNS uniform jacket, laid flat, and arranged with a number of accessories: shirt, collar, tie, gloves, skirt and stockings. Owned by Lieutenant Grace Brodie.

Jean workwear jacket, issued by Navy, owned by Jack Slater.

Knit and fleece undershirt or jersey, owned by Jack Slater.

White canvas jumper/tunic, part of a sailor's "square rig", owned by Seaman Marcel Barsalou.

3. 13 Lightkeeper Ted Ranger and tender crew having beer - for web.jpg
Lightkeeper Ted Ranger with work-crew from Coast Guard tender ship, enjoying beer brewed by Pen Brown.

8. 1966 Betty sawing wood SMALL.jpg
Rex sawing wood with his mother Betty. Work on a lighthouse did not have conventional gender boundaries.

Mr. Yarrows on board SS Prince Rupert when she was at a 45 degree angle in Yarrows Shipyard
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