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Recently Added Items

World's Largest Log Barge Discharging Cargo in Twenty-Seven Minutes. - by Edward Goodall

World's Largest Log Barge Discharging Cargo in Twenty-Seven Minutes - Edward Goodall.1.jpg

Large flat decked vessel with logs on the deck. It appears to be capsizing but is in fact unloading its cargo of logs. Land can be seen in the…

Vancouver’s Discovery - by E.M. Chadwick

Vancouver's Discovery - EM Chadwick.1.jpg

Large sailing vessel in rough sees viewed from the bow. All sails appear to be unfurled. Figures can be seen on the deck. The vessel appears to be in…

Trekka Under Twin Sails - by Alan Lester

Trekka under twin sails - Alan Lester.1.jpg

Stern view of the sailing vessel Trekka with twin sails open. Other sails appear to be furled. The sky looks cloudy and the seas rough. It is painted…