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Sailor's blue cotton uniform collar, worn tied at waist with square collar worn over separate tunic. This collar owned by Seaman Arthur W. Gregory.

Wool duffle coat, owned by John M. Grant.

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Wool WRCNS uniform jacket, laid flat, and arranged with a number of accessories: shirt, collar, tie, gloves, skirt and stockings. Owned by Lieutenant Grace Brodie.

Jean workwear jacket, issued by Navy, owned by Jack Slater.

Knit and fleece undershirt or jersey, owned by Jack Slater.

White canvas jumper/tunic, part of a sailor's "square rig", owned by Seaman Marcel Barsalou.

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Navy sailor's uniform outfit laid flat on a surface: cap, tunic, shirt, and collar.

Wool WRCN uniform skirt laid flat on a surface, with the side unzipped to view the tailoring on the inside. Owned by Lieutenant Grace Brodie.

Coverall-style summer flight suit, owned by Commander MacGregor Fullerton MacIntosh.
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