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Black polyester man's tie used as part of the WRCNS uniform before they switched to smaller tie, worn by M. R. Miller.

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Pair of white polyester WRCNS uniform gloves, owned by Anita Galitzine.

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White, starched WRCNS uniform collar, worn by Ruby Gibbon.

Coverall-style summer flight suit, owned by Commander MacGregor Fullerton MacIntosh.

Wool duffle coat, owned by John M. Grant.

Knit and fleece undershirt or jersey, owned by Jack Slater.

Workwear jean trousers, owned by Jack Slater.

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Hooded waterproof jumper with rubber lining, owned by Commander MacGregor Fullerton MacIntosh.

Jean workwear jacket, issued by Navy, owned by Jack Slater.

An outfit of multiple pieces of Navy-issued workwear: tunic, jean trousers, jean jacket, and duffel coat.
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