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WRCNS uniform laid flat on a surface, including: jacket, skirt, shirt, tie, stockings, and gloves.

World's Largest Log Barge Discharging Cargo in Twenty-Seven Minutes - Edward Goodall.1.jpg
Large flat decked vessel with logs on the deck. It appears to be capsizing but is in fact unloading its cargo of logs. Land can be seen in the background.

A grouping of four uniform and workwear jackets hanging on clothes hangers, to represent four different outfits.

An outfit of multiple pieces of Navy-issued workwear: tunic, jean trousers, jean jacket, and duffel coat.

Exhibit Images - Landscape (3).jpg
Hooded waterproof jumper with rubber lining, owned by Commander MacGregor Fullerton MacIntosh.

1. 1957 First view of Pine Island SMALL.jpg
Pen and Betty Brown’s first view of Pine Island, where they moved just after marrying.

Gun shirt or vest of cream-coloured wool flannel with blue edging at neckline and sleeve hems, belonging to Marcel Barcelou.

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Flannel vest or sleeved shirt, hand sewn and worn by Able Seaman Thomas Welch, 1890.

Exhibit Images - Landscape (1).png
Flannel vest, hand sewn and worn by Able Seaman Thomas Welch, 1890.
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